Sell My Home in Lake Nona | For a Great Lake Nona Price | Authentic

Sell My Home in Lake Nona | For a Great Lake Nona Price | Authentic

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Sell My Home in Lake Nona For a Great Lake Nona Price

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Sell My Home In Lake Nona

Sell My Home In Lake Nona

Sell My Home in Lake Nona For a Great Lake Nona Price

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sell my home in lake nona
sell my home in lake nona

If I’m a Lake Nona homeowner, and I want to sell my home, I might be tempted to go it alone. On the surface, it’s not such a bad idea. Lake Nona’s Medical City is one of the leading medical parks in the country, bringing more jobs and more people to fill them every year. Demand is high, housing is limited, and selling my Lake Nona home myself could save me some money, right? Well, let us start by saying we like clients who take an active interest in the selling process. The more heads the better. But taking an active interest and going it alone are two separate things. And there are many ways your sale could suffer by taking the for-sale-by-owner approach.


Why I Should Think Twice Before I Sell My Home in Lake Nona on My Own

The problem with the for-sale-by-owner approach isn’t that it won’t get sold.

It may take a while, but eventually an offer will come along.

The problem comes when that offer isn’t what you expected, your negotiating skills aren’t strong enough to turn it in your favor, and you’re too near your deadline to turn it down, .

But a professional realtor can help you optimize your home so that, when you list, the offers come fast, and come fair.

And if they aren’t fair, a professional realtor can turn them around using creative negotiating techniques.


Optimizing My Home to Bring in Fast, Fair Offers

Optimizing your home includes things like:

  • Making sure it’s functionally and aesthetically up to the demands of Lake Nona buyers
  • Making sure your photography reflects your home’s Lake Nona-market viability
  • Setting a deadline that gives you enough flexibility, and which buyers can’t use against you
  • Pricing your home to reflect its true value in the Lake Nona market

A professional realtor has great local industry connections.

Like construction companies, interior decorators, appliance and furniture dealers, painters, landscapers, home staging companies, and photographers.

To help your home meet buyer demands.

They also have the time-management skills to help you set a deadline that will work for you, not against you.

As well as the local market knowledge to help you price your home right the first time.



Take it from a Lake Nona listing agent. If I were a Lake Nona homeowner planning to list my home for sale, I would first make sure it was list-worthy. Just as a ship has to be seaworthy before sailing, your home needs to be list-worthy before selling. Otherwise, you’ll sink in a sea of listings. Here are some tips for getting your Lake Nona home list-worthy before listing.


Make My Home Lake Nona-Market Viable Before I List

Look around you. What does it mean to own a home in Lake Nona?

Your buyers will have a very definite idea of what it means, and they’ll be looking for it in your home.

Make sure your home embodies Lake Nona aesthetics before you list it for sale.

If it doesn’t, don’t worry – a professional realtor has the industry connections to get your home renovated, remodeled, and staged in accordance with buyer demand.

You’ll also want to make sure it meets modern standards of living.

As part of a new, state-of-the-art community, Lake Nona homes should have amenities that reflect that image.

A realtor will also have connections in the home appliance business who can help you upgrade if need be.


Depersonalizing My Home

You never know when a buyer will want to see your home.

So before you list, make sure your home is ready to be shown.

The point of showings is to let buyers get a glimpse into their possible futures as owners of your home.

Your home should be a blank canvas, onto which they can project their future lives.

Therefore, it’s important you depersonalize it, removing things like family photos, laundry, and any other clutter.


Photographing My Lake Nona Home Before I List

Photographing your Lake Nona home isn’t just about showing buyers what your home looks like on listing services.

It’s about using visual storytelling to show them a story in their minds.

A story about how much better their lives will be as the owners of your home.

Make sure your photography brings out the best in your home.

Including its Lake Nona-market viability and its depersonalized, blank-canvas appeal.


Pricing My Home

Precision pricing is an important part of making your home list-worthy.

That’s because a poorly priced home is sure to sink in the listing sea.

Price too high and buyers will sail right past you.

Too low and you won’t have the flexibility to navigate the stormy seas of offer-counter-offer negotiations, leaving you high and dry with an offer you don’t want, but have to take.


A Realtor to Help Make My Home List-Worthy

It takes a lot of work to get your home list-worthy.

But a professional Lake Nona listing agent can help.

They have to industry connections to make your home Lake Nona-market viable.

Plus the experience to help you depersonalize and price your home.


The Negotiating Skills to Sell My Lake Nona Home for a Great Lake Nona Price

If your home has been optimized for the Lake Nona market, it won’t be long before offers start coming in.

You might get lucky and land an amazing offer right off the bat.

But that would be extremely unusual.

Most likely, selling your Lake Nona home for the right price will involve crafting counteroffers that strike the balance between what you want and what the buyer wants.

A professional realtor is a shrewd negotiator.

They will use their negotiating skills to get you as close to your asking price as possible, while keeping in mind things like your deadline, buyer contingencies, and how much earnest money they’re offering to put down.


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