Short Term Property Management

Short Term Property Management

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Short Term Property Management

Short Term Property Management

Are you looking for short term property management in Orlando? Look no further! Here at Orlando Homes For Sale, we offer the leading local short-term management services.


Short Term Rentals Are In Demand In Orlando

With over 60 million visitors annually, Orlando, Florida is one of the most visited cities in the United States. Orlando’s booming tourism industry presents a unique opportunity for those who invest in properties here. In what seems to be a growing trend among tourists, more and more Orlando vacationers prefer to say in a private residence rather than a hotel. For those traveling with family and friends, a private residence can be a lot more affordable than a hotel. This is particularly true when the cost of the rental is split evenly among those will be staying in the home.

Another attractive advantage of staying in a private residence as opposed to a hotel is the privacy and convenience afforded by such an arrangement. When vacationers opt to stay in a private residence, this eliminates many common annoyances associated with the typical hotel stay. From noisy corridors and crowded dining areas to paper-thin walls and questionably clean bathrooms, an extended hotel stay can be a real headache. Staying in a private home, by contrast, is an affordable alternative that offers comfort, cleanliness, and privacy.


The Challenges Of Managing A Short Term Rental Property

Managing a short term, or vacation, rental property can be quite challenging. To ensure a steady flow of renters, a good deal of marking is required. Without effective marketing, not a single Orlando tourist will even be aware that your home exists! The property manager markets your property worldwide to attract tourists from around the globe.

In addition to ensuring adequate marketing, it is necessary to keep up with the day-to-day requirements of the property. The property administrator is in charge of maintaining the property, overseeing routine services such as cleaning, pool maintenance, guest check-ins/check-outs, post-stay inspections, and preparing financial statements for income tax purposes. (Of course, the owner also has access to all monthly inputs and outputs.)

All of this sounds quite expensive, doesn’t it? In reality, short term property management is very affordable. Most property management companies charge just a small monthly fee plus 20% of the profits that the property generates. Only An Experienced Property Management Team Can Make The Most Of Your Rental Property

In order to make money with short term property rentals, a certain level of expertise is required. For this reason, Orlando Homes For Sale does not offer short term property management services. We do, however, refer our clients to only the best local property management companies. Locating the right property management team for your specific property requires a knowledge of the specific neighborhood or community in which your property is located.

At Orlando Homes For Sale, we consider these short term management companies to be our partners. We trust them to provide our clients with convenience, tranquility, and maximum profits. To give you an idea of what to expect, the average rent for the most affordable three- to five-bedroom home ranges from $95 to $200 daily. For luxury homes with a private swimming pool, games room, and a cinema, the daily rate varies from $190 to $400. These rates fluctuate seasonally. One great thing about short term rentals is that, in addition to providing you with a reliable investment income, they can also provide you with a lovely place to stay whenever you want to visit sunny Orlando! You just notify the management company that you are coming and they will reserve the dates for you.


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