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3 beds
3 baths
2,799 SqFt

MLS #: O5982469 | Condo - Hotel




3 beds
3 baths
2,799 SqFt

MLS #: O5982456 | Condo - Hotel

Guess what…apartments for sale in Orlando FL are calling your name. If you’re considering Orlando FL for your next big move, you’re in good company. Florida gets 1,000 new residents every day, and many of these people choose Orlando to settle. Of course, Orlando is renowned for its amusement parks like Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios. Plus it’s a great place for nature lovers, sports fanatics, and arts and culture fans. And the real estate here is beautiful, diverse, and top quality. Surprisingly deluxe are apartments and condos for sale in Orlando FL! Most of these properties are modern with contemporary features, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances and much more. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy an apartment in Orlando, or for Downtown Orlando condos for sale, you’ll need a competent and knowledgeable real estate agent to negotiate on your behalf. Call Authentic Real Estate Team today!


Why Should I Buy a Condo for Sale in Orlando?

Condos For Sale In Orlando


Above all, loft, resort and waterfront condos for sale in Orlando provide the greatest value for your money and the lifestyle you want.

Here, you’ll find one of the strongest real estate markets in the country, an affordable cost of living, unbeatable weather and much more!


Reason 1: Great Value for Your Money

Orlando is one of the most attractive cities for your next real estate investment.

On average, the cost of living here is about 3% lower than in the rest of Florida, and property owners are charged fewer and lower taxes.


Reason 2: A Travel Connection to the World

Another great asset is the Orlando International Airport, just a 10 minute drive southwest from the center of the city.

From here you can easily travel anywhere in the world and welcome visitors of your own!


Reason 3: Recreation, Sports, Art and Culture

Orlando is one of the great cultural hubs of the South.

In short, golfers, tennis players, nature lovers, and art aficionados hail this city as paradise.


Reason 4: Location, Location, Location

By and large, Orlando is a well-connected city that does not need any introduction.

Get to all of the major theme parks in just a short 5-minute drive from anywhere in the city.

Also, you can hop on one of the major freeways that runs throughout the state and get away easily for long weekends.


Reason 5: Education, Tech, and Business Hub

Because Orlando’s economy is booming, so are its business and technology opportunities.

This city is quickly rising in the ranks as a great center for education, intellectualism, growth and much more.


Want to Sell Your Condo or Apartment in Orlando?

Authentic Real Estate Team is the team for you whether you’re interested in selling a home in Orlando or buying a home here.

In brief, we’ll help you cash in on your great condo or apartment in no time.
Sell My House Fast Orlando!


Need Property Management for Your Condo in Orlando?

Everyone dreams or owning a beautiful home or a downtown condo or apartment for sale in Orlando.

In reality, owning a home, no matter the type of property, comes with many responsibilities.

However, if you need Orlando property management services for the maintenance of your home, we can help!

Call Authentic Real Estate Team today!
Meet The Best Orlando Property Management Services!


Meet Other Types of Properties Besides Condos for Sale in Orlando

Apartments For Sale In Orlando FL


Whatever property type you’re interested in, it’s all here.

Certainly, if apartments for sale in Orlando FL are not on your radar, there’s no need to worry.

Check out all Authentic Teamto find the Florida home or property that’s right for you.


Orlando Vacation Homes for Sale

Over 70 millions visitors choose Orlando as their summer vacation destination.

If you are among these tourists, then skip the hotel and check out our selection of Orlando vacation homes for sale instead.
See In Orlando Vacation Homes For Sale
Vacation Homes For Sale Near Universal Studios In Orlando
Vacation Homes For Sale In Orlando Florida Near Disney


New Homes and Condos for Sale in Orlando FL

Since this Central Florida city is undergoing massive growth and development, there are plenty of new homes for sale in Orlando, condos included!
See The Best New Homnes For Sale In Orlando


Condos and Homes for Sale in Orlando With Pool

In many Orlando condo and apartment complexes, you’ll find a resort-style pool.

But if you’re interested inchomes for sale in Orlando FL with pool, there are plenty.
The Best Houses For Sale In Orlando Florida With Pool


Luxury Apartments and Homes for Sale in Orlando

Of course, Orlando doesn’t cut corners on luxury.

If you’re interested in luxury homes for sale in Orlando FL, or if you want to buy a luxury apartment in Orlando, we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale In Orlando


Townhomes for Sale in Orlando Florida

Among our most convenient and modern properties available are townhomes for sale in Orlando.

In short, if you’re looking for an uncomplicated and leisurely lifestyle, then contact our team to learn more about these amazing properties.
See All Townhomes For Sale Orlando


Single-Family Homes for Sale in Orlando FL

Provided that many families choose Orlando to settle for the family haven that it is, it’s not surprising why single-family homes for sale in Orlando FL are in high demand.
See All Single Family Homes For Sale In Orlando FL


Waterfront Condos and Homes for Sale in Orlando

In general, Orlando is a very water-based city.

Therefore, the city and surrounding areas are abounding with Orlando lakefront homes for sale.
See In Orlando Lakefront Homes For Sale


Villas for Sale in Orlando

How about a luxurious property to retire in?

All in all, Orlando villas for sale are the best for a high-class, opulent lifestyle to round out your days.
See In Orlando Villas For Sale


Authentic Real Estate Team With Guest House

When guests come into town, you’ll be glad you bought one of our homes for sale with guest house in Orlando FL.

If effect, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, spacious home and give your visitors the space and peace they deserve.
See All Homes For Sale In Orlando With Guest House


Meet All Orlando Real Estate for Sale!

If any of these property options are interesting to you, see our full inventory of Authentic Real Estate Team to view all available listings.

Then call Authentic Real Estate Team and consult with our team today!
The Best Houses For Sale In Orlando Florida!


Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Condo in Orlando FL? Talk With an Authentic Real Estate Team Realtor!

In conclusion, working with the most trusted real estate agent in Orlando will have huge benefits.

To put it another way, with the help of Authentic Real Estate Team, you’ll get into the home of your dreams in no time.
The Best Orlando Real Estate Agent


Orlando Real Estate Market

To be sure, you’ll want to get in on the action of Orlando’s incredibly strong housing market.

Find out more about the latest data and statistics reflecting the strength of the Orlando real estate market with our monthly market update.
See All Orlando Real Estate Market Statistics



Homes for Sale Near Orlando

Want to search by proximity to Orlando or points of interest?

We’ve done the hard work for you!
Homes For Sale Near Orlando FL
Houses For Sale Near Disney World
Homes For Sale Near UCF In Orlando
Homes For Sale Near Universal Orlando
Homes For Sale Near Orlando International Airport
Beach Houses For Sale In Orlando Florida


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Condos For Sale Orlando FL


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