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5 beds
6 baths
12,370 SqFt

MLS #: O5570091 | Single Family Residence




3 beds
2 baths
2,031 SqFt

MLS #: O5955613 | Single Family Residence




5 beds
4 baths
3,258 SqFt

MLS #: O6005645 | Single Family Residence


If you host visitors, guests, family and friends then you may want to check out our homes for sale with a guest house in Orlando FL. Did you know that Orlando is one of the most visited cities in the U.S.? International tourists flock to this great city for its amazing theme parks, world-class dining, idyllic nature and much more. So the question arises, will you be prepared when your guests come into town? With a house with a guest house in the Orlando metropolitan area, you’ll never be caught off guard. And you can provide all of your great visitors with their very own private residence on your property. Call Orlando Home for Sale today and find out how to make one of these phenomenal properties yours!


Why Should I Buy Homes for Sale with Guest House in Orlando?

Homes For Sale In Orlando With Guest House


Buying a house with a guest house in Orlando is a great idea!

You’ll gain so many added property benefits like increased home value, higher appreciation, extra space and the option to rent.

Read on to see just how a home for sale with a guest house could improve your family’s life.


Reason 1: Increased Home Value

It’s true that guest houses or ‘in-law suites’ as they are sometimes referred to are becoming increasingly popular.

Real estate trends are indicating that homes with a guest house attachment are the future, promising sellers high selling prices.


Reason 2: The Sanctity of Your Privacy

Two are better than one…at least when it comes to real estate.

When guests come to stay with you, both parties get the privacy needed to make each vacation peaceful and calm.


Reason 3: Rent Out Your Extra Space

You can, in fact, use your guest house as an extra property to rent out.

This means that you can generate passive income from your property to earn some extra cash.


Reason 4: Added Storage

With a home with a guest house, you have the freedom of choice.

Use your extra space for storage, as a man cave, home theater, gym and much more.


Reason 5: A Beautiful and Timeless Home

All in all, homes with a guest house are usually extremely spacious, beautiful, luxurious properties.

If this sounds like something that will suit your high-class lifestyle, call Authentic Real Estate Team today!


Want to Sell Your Orlando Home With Guest House Fast?

Whether you are selling a home in Orlando with a guest house or you’re looking to buy, renovate or beautify your property, Authentic Real Estate Team is the team for you.

Indeed, we’re always on your side and help you negotiate in the sale of your property for top dollar.
Sell My House Fast Orlando!


A Definitive Property Management Service for Houses With Guest House in Orlando FL!

While most real estate agents and agencies operate in the traditional scope of buying and selling properties, we go the extra mile.

In short, we believe home ownership is a journey, and it doesn’t stop just because the ‘for sale’ sign is gone.

Choose us as your partner for Orlando property management services.

We make home ownership easy so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful home.
Meet The Best Orlando Property Management Services!


Meet the Best Homes Besides Our Homes for Sale With Guest House in Orlando FL!

House With Guest House For Sale Orlando FL


Why stop at a home with a guest house when there are so many great property options in central Florida.

Check out our extensive catalogue of homes for sale in Orlando FL to find the home that suits you!

All in all, you’ll find  single-family homes, villas, apartments, pool homes in every size, architectural style and design imaginable.


Orlando Vacation Homes for Sale!

Altogether, Orlando is well-known as a great vacation destination.

Therefore, if you’re one of the 70 million visitors who love to holiday in this magical city, then ditch the hotel rat race and consider Orlando vacation homes for sale.
See In Orlando Vacation Homes For Sale
Vacation Homes For Sale Near Universal Studios In Orlando
Vacation Homes For Sale In Orlando Florida Near Disney


Homes for Sale in Orlando With Pool

Although Florida’s sunshine is a huge contrast to weather patterns in other states, it can actually be pretty extreme during the summer months.

That’s why homes for sale in Orlando FL with pool are the best option to stay cool all year round, barbecue, relax and enjoy your great backyard.
The Best Houses For Sale In Orlando Florida With Pool


New-Construction Homes for Sale in Orlando

On account of the fact that Orlando’s economy and population are growing at unprecedented rates, there are plenty of new homes for sale in Orlando.

So call Authentic Real Estate Team to get your hands on one today!
See The Best New Homnes For Sale In Orlando


Luxury Homes for Sale in Orlando

Orlando is known for its Disney magic, sure.

But it’s also heralded for redefining luxury living standards.

If you’re interested in the most opulent properties available, then our selection of luxury homes for sale in Orlando FL are for you.
See All Luxury Homes For Sale In Orlando


Orlando FL Lakefront Homes for Sale

Orlando rivals Miami for its water access.

In short, there are dozens of lakes and waterways for swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing and more.

If you’re interested in lakeside living, then see all of our Orlando lakefront homes for sale.
See In Orlando Lakefront Homes For Sale


Townhomes for Sale in Orlando

For the best option for convenient living with an HOA, check out our inventory of townhomes for sale in Orlando.
See All Townhomes For Sale Orlando


Apartments & Condos for Sale in Orlando FL

In addition, apartments and condos for sale in Orlando are a great option for city slickers.
See The Best Condos For Sale In Orlando


Single-Family Homes for Sale in Orlando

Orlando is the premier place to take your family on vacation.

But with a robust inventory of single-family homes for sale in Orlando FL, it’s a great place to raise a family, too.
See All Single Family Homes For Sale In Orlando FL


Orlando Villas for Sale

In particular, Orlando villas for sale really shine on the property market.

In fact, these homes are so awesome that many celebrities and professional athletes choose them as their main residence or second home.
See In Orlando Villas For Sale


See All Homes for Sale in Orlando FL!

See all Authentic Real Estate Team today!

Your dream house may just be on the market.

Don’t delay and get in touch with our team.
The Best Houses For Sale In Orlando Florida!


Orlando Real Estate Market

Rest assured knowing the Orlando real estate market is robust and secure.

In sum, appreciation rates are high and home values increase by at least 4% every year.
See All Orlando Real Estate Market Statistics


Talk to a Real Realtor in Orlando Today to Help You Find the Best Home for Sale With a Guest House in Orlando!

Authentic Real Estate Team With Guest House


When you need a team you can trust in the buying, selling or maintenance of your home, call the most trusted real estate agent in Orlando, Authentic Real Estate Team.


Unique Orlando Communities

Each Orlando sub-community is special.

Every single one offers different properties and a different vibe.

Take your time to explore each and find the one that you’re looking for:
Royal Cypress Preserve Homes For Sale
Havencrest Authentic Real Estate Team
Solaire Apartments For Sale
Paradiso Grande Authentic Real Estate Team
Vista Cay Orlando For Sale
Floridays Resort Orlando For Sale
Lake Buena Vista Resort Condos For Sale



Looking for Homes for Sale With Guest House in Orlando FL? Count on the Authentic Real Estate Team Today!

If you’re looking for homes for sale with a guest house in Orlando FL, then you’ve come to the right place.

Authentic Real Estate Team offers the best customer service, delivered by a family-owned and operated team.

Call us today and see just how easy your real estate search can be.

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